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Sede electrónica

Martes, 19 noviembre 2019 06:27


If you were not the driver of the vehicle on the date the offence was committed and pursuant to Article 9.bis of the LSV, you are obliged to a written answer signed by you, containing the following information:

  • Record number.
  • Name and surname of the driver.
  • Number of the driving licence, date of issue and country of the driver.
  • Address of the driver.

You can send this form within 20 days from the receipt of this notification by any of the following means:

  • Fax: 0034 987 842 693
  • Post:  Please write to CTDA – Post-office box 505. León  - 24080 – SPAIN.


If, as the owner of the vehicle, you are required to identify the offending driver, you can do so online but please bear in mind that: 

  • It is not possible to identify on this webpage offending drivers who are not residing in Spain.  In these cases, you will have to do so in writing.
  • It is not possible to identify on this webpage drivers who are not holders of the driving licence necessary to drive the vehicle with which the offence was committed. In these cases, you will have to do so in writing.
  • The identification of the offending driver must be done at the appropriate procedural moment.

Access to Identification of the offending driver

If you wish to appeal against the fine and/or to produce evidence in your defense this will waive any right to the 50% reduction in the amount of the fine. You can do it by any of the following means: 

  • Fax: 0034 987 842 693
  • Post: CTDA – Post Office Box 505 – León 24080 SPAIN.


The timescale to produce evidence regarding the cases processed by the Directorate General for Traffic is 20 calendar days from the day following the one when the notification was received by the concerned person.

The timescale to lodge an appeal is one month from the day following the one when the notification was received by the concerned person.

If you do not pay the financial penalty, do not appeal against it, this notification shall entail, by itself and without the need to issue a final decision, the termination of the infringement procedure and the financial penalty will become final within 30 days (Article 81.5 of the LSV). From that moment on, you will have 20 days to pay the fine, without any reductions.

This case expires one year after its initiation if no final decision has been issued, unless there are legal grounds for bringing it to a halt (Article 92 of the LSV).

LSV: Articled Text of the Law on Road Traffic, Motor Vehicles and Road Safety- Royal Legislative Decree 339/1990 of 2 March, and its subsequent amendments.

CTDA: Spanish National Centre for Automatic Fine Processing.



The payment of the penalties can be made using any of the following means:

1.- By credit or debit card (Visa – Mastercard – Maestro) on the website

The following details are required to make the payment:

  • ID number issued by your home country, Passport number or Residence permit number.
  • Name and Surname(s).
  • Date of the traffic offence.
  • Record number.
  • Total amount of the fine (without the 50% discount).


2.- By bank transfer to the DGT bank account at CAIXABANK:

  • IBAN: ES11 2100 5731 710200203821
  • Tax Identification Number (CIF, in Spanish): Q2816003D
  • Account name: Jefatura Central de Tráfico - Sanciones extranjero.


It is crucial to enter the file reference number correctly on the reason for the transfer: If this number is not properly written, the fine remains enforceable and, if necessary, for the full amount. In addition, any bank commissions that the bank institution may charge shall always be borne by the person concerned.


3.- By credit or debit card at any Provincial Traffic Department located in all provinces in Spain (you can consult the addresses at


4.- In cash at any CAIXABANK branch office in Spain; the same details referred to in point 1 above shall be provided, specially the Record Number.


5.- The following will NOT be accepted as methods of payment:

  • Personal cheque or bank cheque.
  • Money order.
  • Money sent in cash.
  • Any other means not covered in points 1, 2, 3 and 4 above.

A phone call centre is made available to users for any question regarding traffic violation tickets. 


Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 8:00 am – 22:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am – 15:00 pm


  • For any information related with traffic violation tickets, call the following number:

                        0034 987 010 559


  • Fax number to submit writings:

                        0034 987 842 693


  • Postal Address to send writings:     


            Apartado de Correos 505

            CP 24080 – LEON